Keep It On The Low


I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day with someone they love. Whether its with your significant other, family, friends or even yourself that extra love goes a long way. If you didn't get to celebrate on Thursday and have extended the holiday to this weekend get ready to have a great time.

With all the social gatherings and dates that many of us will be attending or a part of I decided to address something that seems to be a pretty hot topic; how do I secretly take my insulin to the bathroom? For guys I'm pretty sure it's a little easier, since you all normally have some type of clothing with deep pockets. This helps out when you need to hold your insulin but for girls if we aren't carrying around a purse everywhere ( be on the look out for our specialized BTB purses) it can be a little embarrassing fishing out your flex pen, alcohol pads and pen needles. So I decided to come up with a couple tips to help you conceal your little personal arsenal of health!

1. Keep all your items together. If you're not trying to draw attention to yourself, digging through all the items in your bag certainly won't help. If the people you hang around are anything like my friends, they will start asking you all sorts of questions. "What are you looking for?" "Can we help?" "God, you sure do keep a lot of things in your bag." The mission is to be as clandestine as possible, not to create a search party for your items.

2. If you aren't wearing an article of clothing with pockets, create some holding space. If you have on a long sleeve top sneak the all the items under the arm of your shirt and keep them by your wrist. It helps to use the cap of the flex pen to hold your alcohol pad in place. The pen needle is small enough to fit in your hand. 

3. Take your insulin as soon as you get to the restaurant or enter the event. Most times we are reminded to go take our insulin once the food has come out and is sitting right in front of us. That's actually the wrong way. Try taking your insulin 15-25 minutes before you eat (many people have noticed a drop in their A1C using this method). You can play it off as if you are just going to the bathroom to fix yourself up.

4. Use our special edition Beat the Betes purses. I will be posting some pictures in the near future but they will have a compartment for you to house all your items to help you maintain your levels. Your company will think its a super cute bag but will have no idea its more so a fashionable organizational tool for your diabetic needs. 

Any other tips you have come up with or read about somewhere would be a great addition, feel free to share!