Founder's Bio


Founder's Bio

About Our Founder: Octavia Diamond Ocean

Octavia was born on October 22, 1989, in Brooklyn, NY. From the time Octavia was a young child, she was the star who lit up the room. Octavia’s inquisitive nature and desire to learn resulted in her excelling in school. In her formative years, she attended prestigious elementary schools where she ranked as one of the top students in her class. Octavia’s stellar academic performance resulted in her earning a scholarship to the Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts. While in Berkshire, Octavia participated in numerous student organizations. Once again, Octavia graduated with honors.

Along with being an exceptional student, Octavia was also an active Brownie and Girl Scout. She adored her troop leader and held the Girl Scouts in high regard. Being a Girl Scout taught Octavia how to give back to the community.

Octavia loved God. This couldn’t be more evident than in her commitment to Mt. Lebanon church in Brooklyn, the beloved church she joined at age 10. Octavia adored Sunday school and Sunbeam service. She was also a member of the Sunshine Choir where everyone was sure to hear her extremely loud and off-key singing. Octavia’s mother had been a member of Mt. Lebanon since she, herself, was a child and encouraged her daughter’s faith and membership in the church family. Mt. Lebanon holds a special place in their family’s heart.

Octavia attended the University of North Carolina A & T. She played an active role on campus and devoted herself to the student government and other campus activities. One of the accomplishments that Octavia was most proud of was her participation in voter registration for President Obama’s campaign in 2008. Octavia became a woman with high expectations and a successful track record. Her tenacity and determination led to numerous accolades including graduating in May 2011 Summa Cum Laude, the highest honor in a University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. She was a member of several national and international honor societies, such as Beta Gamma Sigma Business International. Octavia was also a recipient of the Who’s Who in High School and she obtained her Six Sigma Green Belt certification at the age of 21. She also served as Parliamentarian in the student government. Along with these accomplishments, Octavia also found time to become involved with several community service projects. She had been a Red Cross blood donor since high school, she participated in community service events with her job, and last year she completed a Cancer Walk.

Octavia was a bright, beautiful, engaging young woman. She was confident, yet humble. She was always compassionate and her energy was contagious. Her mother recognized her child’s value and ensured that Octavia was well traveled and well read. Octavia was encouraged to expose herself to all of life’s opportunities. Octavia also loved to explore new hobbies. She had recently decided to try the culinary arts.

Her mother’s love was paramount in her life. She did whatever it took to put a smile on her mother’s face. However, Octavia’s love for herself and others was also evident in all that she did. She was ambitious and always setting new goals for herself. Octavia was committed to helping and supporting those around her. Her million-dollar smile was captivating and she made friends effortlessly. Octavia was an extraordinary individual who embraced those who were fortunate to be in her life. The little girl with the beautiful dresses, patent leather shoes, and matching pocketbooks grew up to be a dynamic young woman with an insatiable hunger for life.

Octavia believed in several causes. She championed diabetes awareness and developed the blog, Beat the Betes, Inc., which has now become the non-profit organization Beat the Betes, Inc. in her memory.

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