Founder's Bio


Founder's Bio

About Our Founder: Octavia Diamond Ocean

Octavia was born on October 22, 1989, in Brooklyn, NY.  From the time Octavia was a young child, she was the star who lit up any place or space with her big beautiful smile, her articulation, and most of all her confidence.  

Octavia’s inquisitive nature and desire to learn enabled her to excel in school.  In her formative years, she attended prestigious elementary schools where she constantly ranked as one of the top students in her class. Octavia’s stellar academic performance earned her a scholarship to attend the Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  While at  Berkshire, Octavia participated in numerous student organizations.  Octavia graduated with honors and was a recipient of the “Who’s Who in High School” award.

Octavia loved to challenge herself.  She took interest inas variety of activities outside of her education.  She played piano and viola and was a part of the Brooklyn Borough Wide Orchestra, which afforded her the opportunity to participate in concerts at the prestigious Carnegie Hall.

Octavia was not only an exceptional student, but she also loved God and loved attending Sunday School and church services at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church. It was at this church, where at the age of 10, Octavia was baptized. Octavia was also an active Brownie and Girl Scouts at Mt. Lebanon.  Octavia adored her troop leader and held the Girl Scouts in high regard.  Being a Girl Scout taught Octavia how to give back to the community.  Octavia always returned to  Mt. Lebanon on breaks from college, she made it a point to visit the church when she came to visit her family, and even after she graduated from college.

Octavia attended the University of North Carolina A & T.  She played an active role on campus and devoted herself to the student government and other campus activities. She served as a Parliamentarian in the student government.   One of the accomplishments that Octavia was most proud of was her participation in voter registration for President Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008.  Octavia became a woman with high expectations and gained a successful track record.  She obtained her Six Sigma Green Belt certification at the age of  21. Her tenacity and determination led to numerous accolades including graduating in May 2011 Summa Cum Laude, the highest honor in a University, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.  Octavia was a member of several national and international honor societies which include Beta Gama Sigma Business International. Phi Kappa phi, Alpha Chi Alpha, Kappa Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Golden Key international.  After graduating from college  Octavia secured a position as a Corporate Analyst at Bank of America.

In addition to her educational and professional accomplishments, Octavia also found time to become involved with several community service projects.  Octavia had been a regular Red Cross blood donor since high school. She also participated in community service events with her employer, Bank of America.  In 2012 Octavia started participating in (Susan G. Komen) Breast Cancer Walk in memory of her late grandmother. 

Octavia also did  volunteer work at Greensboro Diabetes Self- Care Center,  Second Harvest Food Bank and Humane Society of Charlotte

Octavia was a bright, beautiful, engaging young woman.  She was confident, yet humble.  She was always compassionate, and her energy was contagious.  Octavia was well travelled and well read.  She was encouraged to expose herself to all of life’s opportunities. 

Octavia’s love for herself and others was also evident in all that she did.  She was ambitious and always setting new goals for herself.  Octavia was committed, loyal and encouraging, always helping and supporting those around her. Octavia insisted that everyone around her do their best.  Her billion-dollar smile was captivating, and she made friends effortlessly.  Octavia was an extraordinary individual who embraced those who were fortunate to be in her life.  Octavia's support and loyalty to those she loved was unwavering. Octavia loved to celebrate life and everyone's accomplishments. 

Octavia was a sophomore in college when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes.  This diagnosis came as a total shock because Octavia had no previous health issues.  Despite her diagnosis Octavia remained true to the person that she was and continued to be upbeat, excited and positive about life.  She remained steadfast in her faith in God and continue to set goals and make great achievements and to be of service to others

In March 2013 Octavia created “Beat The Betes" as a blog to support, motivate, and inspire young adults diagnosed with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Octavia wanted to use this platform to shine a light on some of the issues young adults must deal with regarding this horrible disease.  Octavia had big plans for Beat the Betes and she was so excited about the challenge and the work she was about to embark upon in making Beat the Betes a success.

Octavia also loved to explore new challenges and hobbies, taking an interest in cooking and baking.  Octavia grew to love cooking and baking so much that she started making and selling custom desserts and she was in the initial stages of creating a dessert business called Decadent Delights. The idea was very exciting to Octavia and to those who had the opportunity to taste her delicious desserts and support her growing business. In fact, at the time of her passing Octavia had several outstanding orders

Octavia was in the midst of taking “Beat the Betes” to higher heights. However, on February 6, 2014 Octavia unexpectedly passed away due to complications from diabetes. Octavia's passing was the greatest shock to all who knew her.

Octavia did so much and gave so much to so many. So, to honor Octavia’s legacy “Beat the Betes” has since been established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called “Beat the Betes Inc.”

Thank you for helping Keep Octavia's Vision Alive