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Octavia's Blogs

July 11, 2013

What Quality Means To Me!

Many times in life we sacrifice quality for convenience. Convenience can take many forms: clothes made at a cheaper price, dating that other person instead of working things out with the right one, waiting for the rain to clean your car instead of going to the car wash, and a host of other things. While these things and more may seem to make your life a bit simpler at the moment I can promise the outcome of these decisions won't produce the quality you desire. Your clothes will get holes in them, your new boo will turn into a crazy stalker, and the paint will end up chipping off your car; all because things seemed convenient for you at the time. 
May 19, 2013

No Pseudo Love from a Pseudohound!!

You ever have one of those days where it just seems like nothing can go right? You wake up with a blood sugar level over 200, you've run out of pen needles, you cant find your medication, you're just totally feeling like crap and the one thing you want is for everyone and everything to leave you alone. Yea ok great, glad to know it's not just me. 
May 4, 2013

Eat Your Way To The Top!

To me there's no greater pain than a buffet full of FREE foods that I cannot indulge in. I normally find myself in these situations at work or social gatherings. Through all my courses in college dedicated to helping me guide my way through my professional or personal life, there was one main one they forgot, Food Restraint. At least once a week I seriously sit back and wonder why does food taste so good, especially all the things I'm not supposed to eat. It seems as a way to help survive the business world companies and organizations alike have taken to providing free food and/or discounted drinks. I guess possibly hoping this will make up for where your check lacks for those extra 10 hrs you put in for the week. 
April 7, 2013

You Can Do It!!

Last weekend I participated in an amazing event dedicated to diabetes, Runway Fusion: Fashion Against Diabetes. I was so honored to open the show which showcased up and coming designers, they even had one from Russia! The combination of fashion and diabetes, two things very close to my heart, had me so ecstatic to be a part of this event. The show took place at Montgomery College in their Cultural Arts Center building. The beautiful glass structure was the perfect location for the event. With the sun shining through on what had to be the most beautiful Saturday in DC so far this year, I was sure this was my time to shine. Beat the Betes was ready to make its debut and I was certain that as long as I followed my speech to the "T" it was going to be a huge success.
March 23, 2013

Out of All the Diabetics I Know… You the Finest!

Something is up and for once it is not my blood sugar, lol. As you know the whole platform for Beat the Betes is to spread awareness about diabetes in a fun, informative way to the public; mainly young adults. With so many misconceptions about diabetes I figured I would do my best and work with others who wanted to help spread some knowledge. That's why it give me great pleasure to be a part of one of the biggest events dedicated to diabetes this year.
March 9, 2013

Time To Find Your Chill

Most people would say I have no "chill". Essentially this means I'm always into something, or in the process of getting into something. Truthfully I cannot sit still for too long, if I do I feel like I'm wasting away. Lazy Sundays were not made for me. I rather be out somewhere getting into some sort of mischief, learning something new or embarking on an adventure. Depending on who I'm around that could be a good or a bad thing, I'll either have an accomplice or an aspirated buddy. Since getting diagnosed with diabetes my need to be out and about has not slowed down. If anything it has increased. I'm constantly searching more into the diabetic community down here in Charlotte and looking for anything new that'll help me on my journey. However, I have learned that I need to include some sort of balance in the mix if I want to remain as active. So I decided that I was going to need to find my inner chill.
March 6, 2013

Picky Picky

There once was a time when it took my mother sitting on me in order for a needle to get anywhere close to my skin. I'm talking about her literally sitting down on top of me, arms spread across and pinned down on each side of the chair to make sure there was no escape route. I've had the same doctors draw my blood since I was born and whenever they see me coming they know its bound to be a very trying session. That's why when my doctor told me I was going to have to give myself insulin shots I just knew this was the end of the road. My mind instantly thought "Ok if this is whats going to keep me alive, let's start planning the funeral now". How was I going to keep myself alive if the main action was something I feared most in life? I felt like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, I needed some courage and I needed it fast! However, there was no yellow brick road to follow, nor a wizard that could grant me that wish; I was going to have to put on my big girl panties and handle my business. Over time courage has inadvertently allowed me to view this disease as a blessing. I have faced and overcome so many previous fears I probably wouldn't have if I weren't diagnosed with diabetes, and for that I'm thankful.
February 27, 2013

Becoming a P.R.O

4 parties, an extra hour of work every day, finalizing the details about my move and working on new products for Beat the Betes; needless to say this week is going to drive me CRAZY!! I barely had enough time to write this post, lol. With all these important items on my "to-do" list, yes the parties are important, it can be kind of easy to put my diabetic needs on the back burner. We've all been there before, so busy and distracted that we would lose our own heads if they weren't attached to our bodies. However, being diabetic those distractions could cost us big time and I know all too well about that.
February 23, 2013

Ink Me Down, Pierce Me Up

Nowadays there's a tattoo/ piercing shop on every corner. It's a pretty cool and trendy form of self expression that's increased in popularity over the past couple of years. I have taken advantage of this art form a time or two, but being diabetic there are certain precautions I realized I would have to take as well as some risk that should be observed. It wasn't as simple as just waking up in the morning and being spontaneous; something I'm known quite well for doing. While I'm no doctor, and I do believe in advising with one or a diabetic counselor before you do anything, go ahead and live your life! But, do your best to be as safe as possible before and after the process! I mean the best part about getting a tattoo or piercing is showing it off, but who wants to see an ugly keloid, some lumpy scar tissue, or have a downward spiral in their health. The fear of some physical deformation or changes to my health had me at a standstill for a while but I had to take a step back and decide if I was going to let diabetes control me or if I was going to step up and do what I had to do to properly control it. I'm not one much for being controlled by situation nor circumstance. Plus in my mind if I let diabetes completely control my life there was no "journey" to be had; just a big ball and chain of diabetes dragging me down every step of the way. That's no way to live in my opinion, so I came up with a couple tips to help myself and anyone else interested in heading down to the shop and letting diabetes know who's really in charge!
February 20, 2013

Your First Time

Dating is probably one of the most time consuming, confusing, nerve wrecking aspects of a young adults life; throw diabetes into the mix and I promise you it gets no easier. With all the questions surrounding dating based on "what to do" or " how to act", a new one gets thrown into the mix; when should I let them know I'm diabetic? While it may not be as serious as letting someone know you have an STD or a wife and kids at home ( a big turn off for some, lol) , you still have a life threatening condition and should treat it as such.With your mind already running circles about their opinions of your looks, how you dress, or that high pitched laugh; it seems like diabetes can be another item on their list to "critique". It can be quite scary to reveal something so personal to someone you're genuinely interested in but I can guarantee its a sure fire way to see if they are worth your time. In order to provide some guidance below I list some tips that have helped me approach this issue head first, hopefully they'll be of use to you too!
February 16, 2013

Keep It On The Low

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day with someone they love. Whether its with your significant other, family, friends or even yourself that extra love goes a long way. If you didn't get to celebrate on Thursday and have extended the holiday to this weekend get ready to have a great time.
February 9, 2013

Welcome, Bienvenido, Bienvenue: Welcome to Beat the Betes!

Are you ready to kick your diabetes in the butt and show it who's boss? Well you came to the right place! Here we are going to work together to come up with ways to help manage both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Being a young "diagnosee" doesn't mean your world has to come to a halt. If anything you have more time, more resources and more options to help yourself live as fulfilled a life as someone without diabetes. 

Thank you for helping Keep Octavia's Vision Alive