Your First Time

Dating is probably one of the most time consuming, confusing, nerve wrecking aspects of a young adults life; throw diabetes into the mix and I promise you it gets no easier. With all the questions surrounding dating based on "what to do" or " how to act", a new one gets thrown into the mix; when should I let them know I'm diabetic? While it may not be as serious as letting someone know you have an STD or a wife and kids at home ( a big turn off for some, lol) , you still have a life threatening condition and should treat it as such.With your mind already running circles about their opinions of your looks, how you dress, or that high pitched laugh; it seems like diabetes can be another item on their list to "critique". It can be quite scary to reveal something so personal to someone you're genuinely interested in but I can guarantee its a sure fire way to see if they are worth your time. In order to provide some guidance below I list some tips that have helped me approach this issue head first, hopefully they'll be of use to you too!

1. Make light of it. I'm not telling you to make light of your condition, as we all know diabetes is very serious, but discussing it doesn't need to feel like an after school special. The seriousness around the disease does not necessarily need to transfer over to the discussion. Make your partner feel comfortable speaking freely about it without all the added fear and pressure. Make a couple of jokes, start off with a funny story about how you once dropped your flex pen in the toilet; the point is the more you put them at ease the easier it will be for the both of you to discuss the disease.

2. Invite them to participate in an activity that promotes your diabetic living. Whether it be a nice hike, having them help you make a low carb dinner, or going to get a massage together; make them feel like you want to include them in your world. When you bring up the fact you have diabetes you can let them know what you guys are currently doing is a way you help manage the disease.

3. Create a support package. Even though you may be the one faced with the disease you are not the only one that needs support. If you want this person around as an important individual in your life then they are going to need to know how to properly assist you with your journey. Put together some educational resources, get them one of our customized " I'm helping my girl/ guy Beat the Betes" shirts, or sign them up for a trial membership at your gym. When you go to tell them you have diabetes you can give them this "starter kit" to help them essentially help you.

4. Be confident! Confidence will help you in so many ways. Be confident in yourself that you can speak knowledgeably about your condition to your partner and be confident that they will be a reliable source of support. The moment you allow doubt to creep in about your capabilities or the capabilities of your mate you are starting down a negative path. They've been great so far, no need to think they can't be great with this as well.

Hope these tips help you guys out!! Have a great hump day!

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