Time To Find Your Chill

Most people would say I have no "chill". Essentially this means I'm always into something, or in the process of getting into something. Truthfully I cannot sit still for too long, if I do I feel like I'm wasting away. Lazy Sundays were not made for me. I rather be out somewhere getting into some sort of mischief, learning something new or embarking on an adventure. Depending on who I'm around that could be a good or a bad thing, I'll either have an accomplice or an aspirated buddy. Since getting diagnosed with diabetes my need to be out and about has not slowed down. If anything it has increased. I'm constantly searching more into the diabetic community down here in Charlotte and looking for anything new that'll help me on my journey. However, I have learned that I need to include some sort of balance in the mix if I want to remain as active. So I decided that I was going to need to find my inner chill.

Diabetes is not just a disease that affects you physically, there is also a huge mental portion that if neglected can be almost as devastating. Stressing over your numbers, hard decisions about what to eat, peer pressure from your friends, the need to fit in; these things and many more have the potential to cause just as damaging effects as drinking a gallon of kool-aid. The same way you use your medication to control your physical, you need to come up with certain things to help control your mental as well. This was sort of a hard concept for me to grasp. I'm so use to stressing and being on the move I hardly make time to do things for myself that actually grant me some peace and clarity.

I truly decided I needed to make some changes. If I didn't come up with ways to relax and ultimately cater to myself, then I wouldn't be able to enjoy all those busy, crazy, exciting moments in my life. I began talking to other people and seeing what it was that they did to relax. Ultimately what I used as a way to get my creative juices flowing was to think "What would I like for someone to do for me?" It's always easy to think of some nice things you would like for your significant other to do for you. So if you are lucky enough to have someone, put them to work. If you don't, do it for yourself. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a little self love. Below are some things I've started doing to help find my inner chill, hopefully you'll get some inspiration.

1. Bubble Baths and Ted Lectures- I get a little restless in the tub after a couple of minutes just laying there. The aromatherapy of the lavender bath salts and Jasmine scented bubbles start wearing off and instead of relaxing, I'm secretly wondering how much longer do I need to sit here twiddling my thumbs. The perfect solution for this was Ted Lectures. The lectures allow me to be entertained while I'm allowing my body to relax. Ted Lectures are amazing and you are pretty much certain to find sometime to watch that you will enjoy. Pull up a lecture and prepare to turn into a raisin from soaking in the tub so long, lol.

2. Keep a journal- Writing really helps! I can certainly attest to that. Since I've started this blog I've had to consciously take time out of my day to create both the topic and the post, and let me tell you its no 5 minute thing. To be honest I didn't think I would be any good at it, I don't really consider myself a "writer". But I knew I would never really know unless I gave it a shot; one of life's most coveted lessons! Not only has the writing allowed me to block out everything else that's going on around me but it gives me a chance to focus on what's really going on in my life.

3. Get creative- I'm the first to admit that there's not one creative bone in my body but you'll be surprised what you can come up with if you truly put your mind to it. Try out some new diabetic recipes, go on a hike for exercise, or give yourself your own mani-pedi. Try out new things you might be surprised at how much you like them.

4. Get a massage- Even if I didn't have diabetes I probably would advise everyone to constantly get a massage. I'm somewhat addicted to them. They have the added benefit of not only feeling great while you're getting one but even after you're finished you feel like a million bucks. Also a secret that most don't know is your medical insurance might help pay a portion. There's nothing in the world like a 90 minute full body massage, that right there is relaxation at its finest!

5. Finally, Smile!!- Even if there's nothing to smile about just smile. Smiling has the ability to make you feel less stressed and make you instantly happy! The phrase mind over matter is so true when it comes to this. If you put yourself mentally in a better place, I can guarantee you your day will be sure to follow. So go on and show those pearly whites, you never know who's looking!

If you have any additional tips on how you find your "chill" we would love to hear about them. Reply to us on twitter @beathebetes or down below!

Have a great weekend and remember, the Fight is In You!