Out of All the Diabetics I Know... You the Finest!

Something is up and for once it is not my blood sugar, lol. As you know the whole platform for Beat the Betes is to spread awareness about diabetes in a fun, informative way to the public; mainly young adults. With so many misconceptions about diabetes I figured I would do my best and work with others who wanted to help spread some knowledge. That's why it give me great pleasure to be a part of one of the biggest events dedicated to diabetes this year.

Runway Fusion 2013: Fashion Against Diabetes will not only feature some of the hottest designers, fashions and models on the east coast but it will bring a wealth of knowledge about diabetes to a large audience. Diabetes happens to be the one of the most chronic diseases among children in the United States. Therefore there needs to be new, creative avenues to get the message out. What better way than a fashion show! 

This show has the makings to be something great for the diabetic community as a whole. Great conversation, an interesting show, the possibility to form new relationships and an inspiring introduction by yours truly should really get the crowd moving. Individuals that are closed off or scared to discuss the disease should find their immediate environment comforting. 

Friday March 29th is going to be one for the books! We are going to take a step away from the norm; events centered around diabetes do not have to be boring, stale seminars that are geared toward the elderly. As we know diabetes is far from an "old person's" disease anymore. We are going to step out, have a good time and make the most of our diabetic journey together! 

Be sure to join me next Friday March 29th at 7:00 pm at the Cultural Arts Center located at 7995 Silver Spring, MD 20910. I'm sure it's an event you don't want to miss!!

Also I will be debuting our signature Beat the Betes purses, made specifically to house your diabetic medications in a fashionable way!!

Have a great Saturday everyone and remember to Beat the Betes the fight has to be in you!!!